North Coast Bottle Share

Next Bottle Share – Friday the 15th of February2019

Do you want to share your love of beer with people who are also passionate about hops, malt, yeast and whatever else goes into your favourite beer?

The goal of the North Coast Bottle Share is to bring us together once a month if possible to share some of those fine beers we’ve come across on our journeys (physical and metaphorical).

If you’re based anywhere near Coleraine, or on the Belfast to Derry/Londonderry train, then you’re hopefully in a good position to join us (no buses seem to run after 7pm unfortunately). Everyone is welcome.

So, what’s the deal? It’s fairly simple. We meet up in Fairley’s bar in Coleraine at 7pm on a predetermined date (latest date is usually at the top of this page). Each person brings a beer (limited to a 750ml bottle, or a couple of cans), and we all share those beers, while enjoying some of the beers on offer from the pub (and their excellent selection in the off license).

Future dates to be determined, but some people have already pointed to a preference for Fridays, so we may shift the day for the next one in January.

There’s a lot more details on the Bottle Share Basics page, just to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, and the pub is comfortable having us.


November 2018 – Wednesday the 28th at 7pm
January 2019 – Friday the 18th at 7pm
February 2019 – Friday the 15th at 7pm