Bottle Share Basics

I’ve nabbed this info from the Norwich Bottle Share website, and made a few alterations

On this page, you will find pretty much everything you need to know about our bottle share events. If something you’d like to know isn’t on this page or any other page on this site, please feel free to ask!

Q: What do I need to do to get involved in a bottle share?
A: One large (500ml+) or two smaller (330ml) bottles of beer that you’re happy to share with the group. Please check our bottle list page to try and avoid bringing beers that have already been featured but if not, it doesn’t matter as there’s a good chance someone there hasn’t tried it.  Max allowed is 750ml (big sharing bottle!)

Q: Do I have to bring a rare or fancy beer?
A: It doesn’t have to be some kind of limited availability sour barrel aged crazy beer from Uzbekistan, but try to avoid bringing common supermarket beers like Brewdog Punk IPA.  If you don’t have something to bring, Fairley’s has an excellent selection in their off-license, so you can purchase something there.

Q: What’s the basic etiquette for bottle share events?
A: Don’t touch other people’s bottles, keep serving size small so as many people as possible can try each beer & make sure you bring a beer.

Q: Are bottle share events free?
A: We’re not going to charge you; you just have to bring a beer. You will need some cash to buy a couple of pints in the pub we’re using as it’s only fair and polite.

Q: What if I can’t find any beers that aren’t on the beer list page?
A: Then simply bring something that you think people will enjoy. The list is for reference, but not a “don’t bring at any cost” list.

Q: Can I bring my partner/BFF/dog?
A: Only if they also bring a beer to share. We’re putting the effort into creating these social events and negotiating with venues to host them in so everyone needs to bring a beer to make it fair.

Q: Can I bring a couple of bottles of my homebrew instead of bringing shop bottles?
A: Sure if you’re happy that it came out well, but don’t forget we’re not a homebrew club. Just don’t bring your extract brewed wheat beer!

Q: Will each bottle share event be themed by style of beer or country?
A: Some of them will but others won’t. It may be an idea in the future to do this but we’ll see how we get on over the first few sessions.